Our Chocolate


John Walker Chocolatier takes great pride in supplying some of the world's best chocolate. We all love it, but perhaps most of us are unaware of it's origins...

The world's best loved confectionary had it's beginnings in Mayan times over two thousand years ago. The Cacao Tree's fruit, Theobroma Cacao, which translates to 'Food of the Gods'. Curiously, the Mayans once worshipped the bean as an idol. Often considered an aphrodesiac, the Aztec Emperor, Monteczuma drank fifty golden goblets of chocolate a day to enhance his sexual prowess. Christopher Columbus is said to have brought back cacao beans to King Ferdinand from his fourth visit to the New World.

Perhaps today we are a little less fanatical but no less charmed by this delicious and tempting by-product.

The Walker family legacy took it's name, Chocolatier, from the french word, which simply means 'Chocolate Maker'.

And that is exactly what they do, make chocolate of distinction! Many have said the the JWC product is a benchmark of quality others are measured by, and we are happy with that.
After all, if we are not satisfied with the premium taste and quality of our chocolate, then why would our customers be?

John Walker Chocolatier prides itself on a time proven, quality product that is backed up by our slogan, "Taste the Difference", and it's not at all surprising that you can.... easily.

We provide a range of innovative gift lines that will tempt anyone for Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, Weddings, Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, General gifts and beyond. It may come as a surprise to know that Australians spend almost three billion dollars a year on confectionary, that's around $150 a year for each of us! Over in Europe the Swiss and the Belgians consume five or six kilograms of chocolate each year, so we are not alone in our love affair with this delicious indulgence.

Awards are always a pleasure to receive, they are a good indication that you are doing the right thing.
Over the years John Walker Chocolatier has received many awards, including the coveted Alfred Stauder Award for Excellence.

Feel free to explore our Website and a look into our store, our ideas and a little history on the chocolate made by John Walker Chocolatier and feel free to contact us.